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[Economic Features]  
The data of economic developing affairs and national social welfare for the year of 2004, declares that Lampang province has an annual G.P.P. of 38,469.30 million baht. The average income of the population is 48,726 baht per annum. It stands as the third place after Lampoon and Chiang Mai in the Northern Thailand and is the thirty third place in the country.

The five main area of productions are:

- Minerals and mines ( 7,908.755 million baht ) 21.55%

- Wholesale and retail industries ( 7,115.30 Million baht ) 16.11%

- Construction industries ( 5,736.70 Million baht) 12.82%

- Service industries ( 4,189.89 Million baht) 11.42%

- Agriculture industries (3,475.00 Million baht) 9.65%

However, at the present, the majority of populations or about 70% in the rural are poor. The data in the year of 2004 showed the average annual income of the population is 12,938 baht per head per annum.


In the year 2004, Lampang Province had 512 educational institutions with 6,951 teachers. There are 460 administrators and teachers and 123,181 students. The ratio of teachers to students is 1.18.
The ratio of teacher to student compared to the ADB standard (as agreed by parliament on January 27, 2004) to quote a 1:25 students in each level. In reality, the kindergarten to lower secondary schools the ratio is better, whereas in high schools the ratio is exceeded.


Public Health Department

In September 30, 2004, Lampang province had 17 district hospitals; 1,581 beds providing modern medical services. There were 14 Ministry of Public Health hospitals with 1,400 beds; and 1 Military Hospital; 150 beds. There are also 2 private hospitals with 147 beds; average 1 bed per 511 heads of population. There were 102 doctors, 31 dentists, and 57 pharmacists. The ratio of doctors to population is 1:6081. The ratio between vocational nurses to population is 1:966. The technical nurses 1:1675.


Gross Provincial Product


The overall economy of the province of Lampang in 2555 has gross domestic product 61,526 million baht which was ranked 40th of the country. The branch with the highest proportion was in mining and quarrying worth 13,560 million baht, representing 22.04 of value products in all production of the province. Including the secondary industrial production value of 8246 million baht or 13.40 percent, education in the value of 6168 million baht or 10.02 percent

(Source: Office of National Economic and Social Development).

Population Income

In the year 2555 the population in Lampang has the average income of 82,884 baht

per person per year which was ranked 47th in the country.

The graph shows the average income of the population in Lampang province

In the year 2548- 2555.

(Source: Office of National Economic and Social Development).



Money and Finance

Financial Services

There are commercial bank currently 52 branches located in Lampang province  by having the revolving money during the period since 2553 to 2556 as follows.



(Source: Lampang Provincial Treasury Office as of December 31, 2556)




The budget of Lampang Province in fiscal year 2557


Finance income
In the year 2557 Lampang province has got revenues from tax collection in the amount of 1.952162 million baht, down from  the year 2556 value of 85.611 million baht by the top three dropping are: 1) VAT  2) income tax  3) personal income tax. Details are as follows:


 (Source: Revenue Lampang Office: As of September 30, 2557)


In the year 2557, Lampang province has got revenues from the excise tax totaled 467,326,468 baht, down from the year 2556 of 73,873,478 Baht, as detailed below.





Establishments in Lampang Province


Chart showing the number of establishments in the year 2546 – 2557


Chart showing the number of employees in the year 2546 - 2557.

(Source: Bureau of Labor Protection and Welfare Lampang Province as of October 31, 2557).




Labor structure
The survey results of the work situation of the province's population in July 2557 shows the structure of the labor status of the province as follows.


  • Total population                                                       739,510  persons
    Separate as         
  • -Those under 15 years           108,697  persons
  • - Those over 15 years             690,179  persons
  • Those over 15 years    630,813 persons are separated as
  • - Labor force                               432,555  persons
  • - Persons not in the labor force 198,258  persons
  • Persons in the labor force 432,555 are separated as

- Current labor                           432,353  persons

- The labor force is waiting for the season       222  persons

Current labor 432,353 persons are separated as

- Employed                                    426,729  persons
- Unemployed                                     5,624  persons


.  (Source: Lampang Provincial Statistical Office as of October 3, 2557).


Registration and notification of operational cessation of the establishments in Lampang province at the Office of the Provincial Industry are as follows.



Hiring workers overseas

Job seekers in Lampang prefer to work abroad in a relatively high rate. The information of Job seekers who travel abroad to work and come back to homeland and notice their situation to travel abroad or Re-entry Visa and report back to work, travel abroad themselves at the Employment Office of Lampang Province. Details are as follows.



            From the above information Lampang informs job seekers back to work, travel abroad in 2554 compared with the year 2553, the number decreased. Because during February - March 2554 due to the turbulence in Libya, the country needs labor migrants working in Libya, and returned to Thailand a lot. No job seekers come to inform on their own. The number of job seekers in Lampang traveling abroad fell and the year 2555, the number of job seekers Lampang traveling to work abroad has increased. The Department of Employment has undertaken a recruitment and selection process for workers to work in Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan, but in the years 2556 - 2557 the number of job seekers to work abroad fell. Since the Korean Language Proficiency Test was difficult. There are people looking for work through the province and have been selected to work decreased. Caused by modifications to the test more difficult with the disturbance in Israel. And the declaration of labor migration to the country due to unrest in Libya made for a gradual return to homeland continues.


  • The Industry

The industry in Lampang is industries that rely on local natural resources. The factors included in the other side so the trend of the industry in the province is growing. The increase in the number of industrial is compared as follows.





The first factory is a factory that used less than 20 hp.
The second factory is a factory that used less than 20 hp, but not more than 50 hp.
The third factory is a factory that used more than 50 hp.



  • Agriculture

Lampang Province has an area of 1,116,673 rai of cultivated plants accounted for 14.13 percent of the province. The majority of the population is agricultural professionals. A number of agricultural occupations are 135 234 households, representing 50.60 per cent of all households.





Lampang important economic crops are such as rice, farm products,

vegetables, fruit trees, and standing timber. The details are as follows:





Most animals farming are small farming agriculture cover 13 districts include chicken, local chicken, cattle hybrid native. From statistics the number of cattle has declined. Farmers quit the party because of restrictions in place for cattle. Price instable conditions and poultry are fed supplement household income, noncommercial career. The animal farming is usually farming system. Spread the district that is ready. The farming is supported by the companies in CP group, Betagro and independent groups in the area of Muaeng Lampang, Ko Kha, Hang Chat, Sop Prap. It is contractors styles or contracts between farmers and company representatives such conditions farmers must be ready in the feeding place and feed as a farm system with standard certification from the Department of Livestock section which the majority are chicken fresh, pork, chicken eggs, in case of number decreased because the Company relocated its production.
Currently, the Department of Livestock is promoting native animals. (Rooster with black tail) in farm pest control system operated by small farmers. Supervision by local authorities such as district livestock for Sop Prap District, Chae Hom district. For other animals there are feeding distributed by interest groups such as wild boar, quail, goat, sheep, as detailed below.





The fishery  In the year 2557 Lampang province has an area of 6511.12 rai, fishermen 14,288 cases are mainly in the area of Thoen, Muaeng Lampang, Ngao, Mae Tha, Sop Prap, Mae Mo, Muang Pan, and Ko Kha, respectively. The number of farmers who farmed fish first 5 sequences are as follows