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[Location and Boundaries]  

Location and Territory
Lampang Province is located in the upper North
Of Thailand which is 602 kilometers from Bangkok on the Paholyothin Highway and 625 kilometers on the railway.The land is 12,533.961 square kilometers or about 7,833,726 rai which is the fifth of the North, seconded toChiangmai, Tak, Mae Hong Son, and Petchaboon. There are
7 neighboring provinces as follow.
North             border to Chiangmai, Chiangrai            
and Payao
South             border to Tak
East                border to Phrae and Sukhothai
West              border to Lamphun

Map of Location and Boundaries


Lampang Province is 268.80 meters above sea level. The area shape is long and narrow. Topography is generally a plateau with high mountains line from the North to the South and there is a river basin in the center of the province. According to the physical characteristics of Geomorphology, Lampang province has an area of ​​plains surrounded by mountains. There is the longest and widest inland basin in the North called “Lampang Reservoir”. The topography is divided into three characters.
Upper north of the province is high plateaus, mountains and dense forest which is full of precious wood such as the area of Muang Pan, Jae Hom, Wang Nuae, and Ngao district.
The center of the province is plain and basins along the river where is the important agricultural sources such as the area of Hang Chart, Muang Lampang, Ko Kha, Mae Tha, and Sob Prab district.
The south of the province is the woods and some pastures such as the area of Thoen, Mae Phrik, some parts of Serm Ngam, and Mae Tha district.

  • Climate

The area of the province is the basin which looks like the bottom of the pan so that the climate is hot and sweltered throughout the year. Summer is extremely hot and winter is really cold. The typical high temperature is 42.70 degree Celsius and the average low temperature is 10.5 degree Celsius. Rainfall is measured 1,467.80 millimeters. Thailand has a tropical climate which is divided into 3 seasons.
Summer begins early March until the mid of May. The weather is hot and  
humid and the hottest is April.
The rainy season begins the mid of May.
Winter is about November until February. The weather is cool and the  
                 coolest is January.






In the year 2557 the population of Lampang is 753,984, male 370,701, female 383,283. The district that has the most population is Muang Lampang , seconded to Ko Kha district, Thoen, and Mae Tha respectively





Statistic report of population and home by province, district and sub-district





  • Resources

Lampang Province has a variety of resources both forest resources and
mineral resources.

Forest resources Lampang Province has forest area separate into 33 Forest National Park, 6 Forest Parks, 1 Forest Park(preparation), and one of wildlife sanctuary as of the following details.



33 Forest National Parks with the area of 5,302,474.00 rai.



    • Seven National Parks


      • One of wildlife sanctuary



        • One of Forest National Park 


        Source: Office of Natural Resources and Environment Lampang Province and the Department of Forest Resource Management 3 Lampang
        Mineral resources
        Lampang has 126 mining concession, 30 concession holders were classified by the type of mineral.
        1. Coal                                                                                                    65  Plots
        2. Industrial rock types, limestone for cement industry.                      22  Plots         
        3. Kaolin                                                                                                  14  Plots
        4. Ball Clay                                                                                          12  Plots
        5. Industrial rock of shale for the cement industry                                  9  Plots
        6. Industrial rock type, limestone for the construction industry           7  Plots
        7. Industrial rock type, Limestone for chemical industry                      3  Plots
        8. Soil type, soil cement industry                                                           2  Plots
        Data as of June 30, 2557 there are 110 plots of mining concession opening (26 owners) and 8 grinding mills or crushing plants opening of six factories.
        The total volume of ore produced in the year 2556, about 24 million metric tons. Most of mineral production was coal, followed by industrial rock and kaolin respectively.


        Production volume


        (Source: Lampang Provincial Industry Office as of June 2557)


        Mineral Reserves Status

        (Source: Lampang Provincial Industry Office as of June 2557)


EGAT Mae Moh    Mae Mo District   Lampang Province