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Lampang Provincial Hall ..

Lampang governor office, 4 floor Lampang Provincial Hall, Vajiravudh Damnoen Road , Muang District , Lampang Thailand 52000 Tel. +66 5426 5070 lampang@moi.go.th

[Northern to Southern Tips]  

Northern Tip

Starts with Muang District where Jaesorn Natural Forest is located.


Accommodations : Muang Pharn District

1. Jaesorn National Park Tel.0 5438 0000

2. Raiya Jaesorn Tel.0 5426 3048

3. Mae Thum Garden Hill Tel.0 5422 4825

4. Jaesorn Hill Resort Tel.0 5426 3033


Accommodations : Ngao District

1. Home Stay with Akkha Tribe Tel.0 5432 9514

2. Somporn Resort Tel.08 1746 5270


Attractions :

Wang Nua District :

Wang Kaew Waterfall,Wat Ban Gor


Muang Pharn District :

Waterfall,Hot Spring,Pamiang Village,Giewfin,

Wat Sob lee,Wat Sriluang Jaesorn,Wat Kuang Gom


Jaehom District :

Wat Akho Chai Keeree


Ngao District :

3,000 Years Paintings,Phatai Cave,Lom Phu Keaw,

Mae Khae Waterfall,Ban ur Siliam(Hill Tribe Village)


Central Zone

Accommodations : Hang Chat District

1. Chang Thai Resort Tel.0 5424 7871

2. Homestay with Elephants Tel.0 5424 7875

3. Doi Kun Tharn Tel.0 5359 2167

Accommodations : Muang District

1. Wang Kaew Island Resort Tel.0 5422 3733

2. Giew Lom Rafting Resort Tel.0 5433 4393

3. Lampang River Lodge Tel.0 5433 6640-1


Attraction :

Muang District : Wat Chedisow,Wat Monprayajae,Wat Prathat Sadet,

Lampang Herb Conservation Center, Mon Khow Geow Wang Hua Lake

Hang Chat Distric : Elephant Conservation Center,Wat Pong Yang Kok,

Khun Tarn National Park,Romchat Handicrafts

Ko Kha District : Wat Lai Hin,Wat Prathat Lampang Luang,

Wat Prathat Jomping,Ko Kha Ancient Caveman,Pong Nam Rorn

Hot Sping

Serm Ngarm District : Mae-Thum Career Training Center

Mae Mob District : EGAT; Slider Slope,Dok Bua Thong Gargen Flowers,

Lignite Learning Museum

Mae tha District : Wat Pra That Doi Muang Kum,Wat Pah Than Luang,

Pang Ma-o Coffee Beans Plantation,Ban Look Handicrafts Village



Accommodations : Thoen District

1. Nakorn Thoen Hotel Tel.0 5429 1370-2

2. Lanna Nakorn Hotel Tel.0 5429 2141


Sob Plarb : Doi Jong National Park

Thoen : Mae Wah Waterfall,Wat Wieng,Wat Lorm Lad,Wat Oomlohg

Mae Prik : Narm Pah Pangam Cave,Wat Pra Bard Wang Thuang



Major attraction of the province
Lampang Province has a variety of tourist attractions including Eco-tourism, Historic sites and religious places of worship, and cultural travel attractions and handicrafts as follows.




There are also other tourist destinations for recreation, for example.

    • 1.Nong Kra Ting Public Park
    • 2.Khelang Nakhon Public Park
    • 3.Municipality 7 Public Park
    • 4.Ha Yaek Hor Naliga Public Park
      • 5.Celebrate 84th Anniversary Public Park (Pratu Wieng Public Park)
    • 6.Hug You Sheep Farm
    • 7.The Coco Lampang



    Travel to Lampang
                Travel to Lampang can travel by car, bus, train and plane. The details are as follows:
    Travel by car from Bangkok, take Highway 1 until Km 52, turn left on Highway 32 pass Sing Buri province, Chai Nat through Nakhon Sawan, then turn left onto Highway 1 through Kamphaeng Phet, Tak straight into Lampang province. The distance is 599 kilometers and takes about seven hours, or the new route of Phitsanulok, then travels  to Den Chai district of Phrae, straight to Lampang.
    Travel by bus, transportation company limited organized regular bus services and air condition buses. For more information inquiry, please contact Tel. 02-8362852-66 02-5675599 Lampang Bus Station Tel. 054-227410 054-217852.
    Travel by train, The State Railway of Thailand organizes express train service, rapid train, and regular train from Bangkok railway station end at Chiang Mai railway station which passes
    Nakhon Lampang train station every day. Detailed information, contact 1690 and Nakhon Lampang railway station Tel. 054-217024, 054-318648.
                  Travel by airplane, nowadays there are two companies serving airplane; Bangkok Airway Company Limited and Nok Airlines Company Limited. The service flights each day are as following.
                   1. Bangkok Airways Company service daily. For reservations Bangkok Airways in Lampang call 054-227715 054-351102 or www.bangkokair.com. and Lampang Airport Tel. 054-226258.
                  2. Nok Air Company offers two daily flights from Bangkok – Lampang Flight time from 08:00 to 09:15 and the flight time from 18:40 to 20:10. Flights from Lampang - Bangkok at 09:45 to 11:00 am. and 20:40 to 22:10 hrs. Airlines reservation Tel. 054-821510 Fax 054-821509 or www. nokair.com                              

    Travel situation
    In the year 2556 Lampang Province had guests a total of 761,823 people, up from the year 2555 of 42,215 representing 6.00 percent separating to Thai tourists of 687,412 people, an increase of 2555 to 6.86 percent. Foreign guests of 74 411 people decreased 2.54 percent from the year 2555, revenue from tourism totaled 2345.04 million baht, an increase of 215.36 million baht in  percentage of 10.11 a share of revenue from tourists from Thailand 2014.43 million Baht and 330.61 million baht from abroad.
    Foreign tourists who come to Lampang first five are as follows.
    - France
    - German
    - United States
    - Japan
    - Belgium
    Travel Attractions that many tourists go the most top three are.
    - Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang
    - Jae Son Waterfall
    - Thai Elephants Conservation Center
    The details are as follows:



    Source: Office of Tourism and Sports Lampang province as of August 20, 2557