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Lampang Provincial Hall ..

Lampang governor office, 4 floor Lampang Provincial Hall, Vajiravudh Damnoen Road , Muang District , Lampang Thailand 52000 Tel. +66 5426 5070 lampang@moi.go.th

[Lampang Period]  
First Era : From Khelangnakorn to Wienglagorn to Lampang
From Buddhist Era 13 To Buddhist Era 24

Lampang Classic

Visit Lampang to discover the prosperity of Hari Poonchai to Lanna with Wat Pong Sanook as a highlight. This temple received the award form UNESCO. It is located in an old residential part of town.
Wat Phrakaewdontao 2E Wat Mon-Krating 2A
Wat Pongsanook 3D Wat Hua Kwuang 1E
Goo Jao Ya Suta 2E Wat Sang Maung Ma 3E
Pratumar Wall 1F WatnKhatuek Chaingman 3E
Hor A-Mok 3E Wat Umong Aban Doned 2E

Second Era : Open the door for trade

Over 100 auspicious years

The Emerging of Lampang

On the fascinating historical path, Lampang had come to interact with western cultuer,Burmese-Thaiyai,Chinese.

Eventually,was the beginning of new era.

Kad kong Ta Steeet 3D Wat Sri Rongmaung 2B
Ratsadapisek Bridge 3D Wat Sri Choom 4D
Lampang Railway station 5A Wat Pah fang 4E
Ban Sao Nak 3E Wat Mon Poo Yuk 4F
Wat Tha Ma-O 3F Wat Mon Jumsin 5F
Carriages Association and Museum 3E Wat Pah Ruak 3F

Thrid Era : Modern Lampang
Over 50 auspicious years

Discovery Modern Lampang

Apart from being a city with enriched historical Lanna culture,this diverse city also offers various interesting attactions along

with convenience lifestyle,infrastructures and facilities.

Clock Tower 3C Seree Department Store 3D
Khelangnakorn Park 3C Sangjareon Department Store 3D
B B Gun 2A Keun Yang Park 2B-3B
Assawin Night Market 4C Nongkrating Park 2A
Lampang Plaza 4C Kad Kong Ta Walking Street Market 4A
Rassada Market 3D Dhanabadee Outlet(Ceramic) 4F
Indra Outlet (Ceramic) 4F Lampang Herb Conservation Center 1A

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